INTEK Technologies offers services as an Independent Design House (IDH) in development of wireless Gateway systems, smart home control systems&healthcare for Internet of Things (IOT) solutions. We are experienced in the fields of system intelligence, radio frequency (RF), hardware and software development, wireless communication system design and testing methodologies.


INTEK TECHNOLOGIES specializes in the comprehensive design and development of hardware products in the fields of smart home, industrial automation, smart medical, etc. Also can provide faster product development by providing cloud module products. As a professional design company of innovative IOT solutions, INTEK makes the realization of users' expectation for smart home life more convenient through wireless, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, etc. Based on the cloud platform, the engineers of INTEK can realize the convenient management of the smart home system through the way of IOT access, and better use and monitor the household appliances.

about us

IINTEK TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD was founded in Singapore in 2019 as an independent design company (IDH) and a PCBA manufacturer of smart products. Since the establishment, INTEK has been focusing on the fields of Smart Appliances and Internet of things (IOT), providing customers with various wireless solutions and product services integration hardware and software system development, design and production in smart home, industrial and medical applications. The products cover Home appliance controller, Industrial controller, intelligent medical equipment, smart door lock and sharing cabinet. We work together with the brand companies with leading technology in the world and are supported by a group of senior R&D application engineers specializing in technology and product development in the fields of home appliance control, industrial control, smart home and smart medical.
We are committed to providing customers with cost effective ECU, IoT solutions and high performance module boards to our clients in Smart home and industrial /medical applications.